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June 2019

Newsletter 2 - 2019. The cherry harvest has begun. Make your reservation today in the new layout of the platform. With three clicks you have made your reservation.

May 2019

Newsletter 1 - 2019. We launch the Aktion Obstgarten-Portrait campaign, give you a brief review of the year 2018 and introduce Agroscope's prediction tool for insect pests. Stay up to date and sign up for the newsletter. Do not worry, he only comes around three times a year.

December 2018

Our third newsletter will be sent in the new newsletter system. It can be viewed at the following link [Newsletter 3 -2018]. Good reading.

August 2018

Mirabelle plums and prunes will be ready in the next few days and weeks. Rummage in the platform Especially in the region of Basel there are some offers. In the further we continue to look for trees with fruits.

June 2018

The first cherries in the Laufental (BL) are ripe and can be picked. Click on "Search" to get to the offers.

April 2018

Start-up service from meinobstgarten. We record your trees on and you can publish them easily and conveniently before the harvest. A hand sketch is enough. Get it contact with us.

February 2018

Agrarbericht 2017 commends the idea of - "A digital solution for the promotion of rare phytogenetic resources". read the article only in german or french

November 2017

meinobstgarten is ready to convey also your products from an orchard. Of course, Wildbiss offers two not already so famous brandies on the platform. For more informations see products.

November 2017

We had the chance to present our project at the OGG-Award 2017 in Bern together with further 9 exciting projects. We thank you for the many positive feedbacks. Great event with great project ideas.

October 2017

It is now possible to reserve trees and to buy their fruits. For this, a tree must bear fruit and meet the search criteria of the buyer (Nora). Since most trees will not bear fruit in October, we recommend that you create and save a search query with your preferences. It is soon late spring again ...

September 2017

You know someone who has little or no interest in his fruit trees. Ask the owner if you can introduce his trees in the platform To do this, you create a user account, you add a new orchard and you create the trees within the orchard. In teh future, an interested person can contact you or the orchard owner.

September 2017
myorchard introduced the new layout.
August 2017
The site is still under construction and negotiations are possible only from 2018.