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Fruit searching

Search for and find fruit in your area

On you will find fruit trees with ripe-for-picking fruits in your area. You can save your search and informs you as soon as any result is found matching your search. The closer the harvest date, the bigger your chances are.

What's offered to me

Fruit trees

You have one or more fruit trees and don't plan to pick the fruits yourself?


You have fruit trees and would like to offer self picking fruits?

Picked fruits

You have fruits picked from your fruit trees and you want to sell or offer them?


You prepared some products from the fruits of your trees which you want to sell?

How to proceed

Create a new account at no cost and save a search

Examine the detailed proposal from

Arrange details with orchard contact person and make your order

Take note about fruit collection tips or seek advice

Share the ambience in the orchard here

Bite into freshly picked fruit or make your best fruit preparation


Safety first

Unfortunately, the dangers of handling ladders are often underestimated.

You are responsible for your own safety.

The association Wildbiss rejects any liability for accidents.

  • Observe the safety instructions of this leaflet
  • Please note the general terms and conditions of
  • Note the agreement with the tree owner
  • Make an liability insurance (tree owner + picker)


Outside of the fruit season, you'll get few results if you check this box.
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